Two award-winners - Casina Rossa pasta sauce and Ritrovo Selections Balsamico - partner to make this rich and balanced sugo. Not only for pasta, add to roasted meats, cooked beans or pizza sauce for sumptuous flavor. Nicola DeLaurentis and his wife Paola of Casina Rossa have energized their modest artisan enterprise with a new, up-to-date facility. Their dedication to maintaining a high level of quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal has won accolades including the 2013 sofi Gold Award - Outstanding Pasta Sauce:Due Formaggi and the 2012 NASFT Gold Award - Outstanding Pasta Sauce:Putanesca.

Sugo Al Balsamico

  • Tomatoes 82% pulp of tomato, tomato puree) Ritrovo Selections Balsamic IGP 5% (cooked grape musk, wine vinegar) extra virgin olive oil, onioncelery, carrots, red pepper, sea salt, acidifier: citric acid.


    Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk and tree nuts