From Jerez, Spain and made in the traditional Solera system, our Sherry Reserva 25 year aged Wine Vinegar, has a true sherry flavor that can only come from cask-aging. Note: This fine Spanish vinegar is fabulous in reduction sauces, glazes and whenever strength and depth of flavor is desired.


All Natural, No artificial flavors, No Thickeners, No Added Sugar, No Caramel Color or dyes or additional ingredients.

Sherry Balsamic

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  • Combine with any mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a great salad dressing.
    Combine with Wild Mushroom & Sage olive oil to marinate pork or poultry.
    Combine with Chipotle olive oil to make a delicious steak marinade for steak tacos.
    Add a few tablespoons to chopped fresh cherries, peaches, cilantro, minced jalapeno and fresh lime juice to make a wonderful cherry-peach salsa.
    Drizzle over ice cream with fresh berries or use in your martini.