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Green Goddess Dill Dressing

(Gluten-Free, Vegan, Casein Free)

Recipe Courtesy of Frances Siver, MS, RDN, LDN, CTL, IFNCP

Food Centered Solutions, LLC - Board Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Creamy dressings are normally plagued by the wrath of mayonnaise. This is a mayo-free green goddess dressing, because seriously, folks: this is a mayo-free zone. This Green Goddess dressing is made with fresh dill, along with EVOO and balsamic Vinegar. Typically, mayonnaise is involved, but as aforementioned: no. Using Greek yogurt and a little olive oil to replace the mayo works like a charm!


1 cup fresh dill, coarsely chopped

3/4 cup Savory Olive Favalosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 1/2 cup SoDelicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt (Can be found at your local grocery store)

3 Tbsp Savory Olive Lemongrass Mint Balsamic Vinegar


All add ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth.

Food Centered Solutions, LLC

Frances Siver, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT, IFNCP

Board Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

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